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What exactly does RV stand for? It is an acronym that defines recreational vehicles. RV stands for recreational vehicle which includes everything from RVs to boats, motorcycles, RVs, travel trailers and campers. The history of the word RV goes back to the early 20th century when it was shortened from Recreational Vehicle. Then, the term recreational vehicle meant anything that you could call a ‘back-to-nature travel trailer. In today’s definition, it means any type of motorized vehicle that can be used for travelling. It usually offers more passenger space than a standard motor vehicle and has more features and amenities.

While the term “RVing” was not coined until the early 1900s even though many people have been living on the road for centuries. Early American explorers and pioneers used various horse-drawn carriages to live out of while forging new territory for months on end. A ‘camping trailer’ was derived from the original motor homes that were built during this time and into the 1930s and beyond. These homes were designed with a ‘trailer bed’ that had a cement floor, and the walls were built around the motor home. In recent years, newer designs have come onto the market that are much more sophisticated, elegant and comfortable than the motor homes of the past.

Early American Motor Home
Early American Motor Home

Some modern RVs even come with features such as indoor and outdoor waterfalls, showers, jacuzzi, saunas and fire pits to name but a few. Today’s RVs offer many conveniences that were rarely or never found in the past such as WiFi, refrigerators, microwave ovens, entertainment centers, cable TV, air conditioning, and safety features like locks, mirrors, alarm systems and vehicle immobilizers.

One reason RVing is so popular is that some people prefer not to pay expensive hotel bills or to be tied down to certain locations by hotel/motel access. Owning an RV allows people to travel from place to place with the freedom to stop, camp and sight-see as you see fit. Another reason people use recreational vehicles is for road trips. Some people will take their motor homes on cross country trips while others will use them simply for weekend road trips in and around their state or to nearby states.

If you’re interested in buying or selling an RV, don’t let the price tag scare you away! Realize that a good quality motorhome is an investment and can save you $$$$ on hotel costs for one thing. If you’re planning on buying brand new it may also be worthwhile to look into the possibility of financing through some type of dealership finance program.

Modern Fifth Wheel Trailer
Modern Fifth Wheel Trailer | Texas RV Guys

However, bear in mind that RVs depreciate in value just like any other investment, so buying a used RV at a low price is a smart move if your budget doesn’t allow for a newer model, but it depends on your requirements. If you’re considering buying an older model, then we recommend having a professional do a thorough test and inspection of your proposed investment.

So, that’s the briefest explanation of what does RV stand for? In my next articles, we’ll be exploring some more of the unique features of motorhomes and how they can benefit you and your RV.

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